Common Toothache Culprits

There are few things in this world that hurt as much as a nagging toothache. If left untreated, a tiny tooth can cause an immense amount of pain and can cripple your ability to perform normal daily functions. The best way to avoid having to live with toothache pain is to prevent it from happening in the first place. Here are a few common culprits of the common toothache. Some may surprise you!

Common Toothache Culprits

A Healthy Diet Equals Healthy Teeth

What you choose to put in your body can affect so many things, one of which is your oral hygiene. Consuming large amounts of sugar, either via candy or sweet beverages, can wear away at your tooth enamel

Enamel plays an important role in preventing tooth decay and aches. It is the protective coating that keeps bacteria from growing on your teeth. Once that protection is gone, it opens the door for a slew of problems. The worst one being a cavity, this is when your enamel is so worn that your nerves are exposed. At this point, bacteria and food can begin to collect inside the tooth and can be extremely painful. The loss of enamel can also cause temperature sensitivity on your teeth, which is not only painful but difficult to reverse.

Sports Can Cause More Than Muscle Aches

When you think of sports, your mind doesn’t usually go straight to toothaches. However, without proper protection, one chip or crack from a missed tackle can lead to very painful toothaches.

Just like worn enamel, a crack or chip in your tooth exposes your nerves to bacteria. If left untreated, these cracks can lead to an abscess in the pulp of the tooth’s tissue. An abscess can be extremely painful and may take several trips to the dentist and antibiotics to treat.

Prevention is Key

The most effective way to prevent toothaches is by maintaining proper oral hygiene. Gently brushing your teeth at least twice a day helps to maintain strong enamel. Flossing daily helps remove any food buildup in-between your teeth, keeping bacteria at bay.

Remember to stay safe while playing sports too. Wear a mouth guard to help avoid chips and cracks in your tooth enamel. Most importantly, if you are in pain, don’t ignore the problem and simply hope it will just go away. If a toothache lasts more than a day it is important to reach out to your dentist and get an appointment set up immediately.

It can be next to impossible to ignore constant toothaches, which is why you shouldn’t. While prevention is key, making sure you see a dentist regularly can make all the difference in the world. Avoid unnecessary toothaches by scheduling an appointment with East Erie Dental today.