Daily Dental Habits

In our office, we love any reason to re-educate our patients about the importance of healthy dental habits. In October, National Dental Hygiene Month, we have the opportunity to recommit to our belief that healthy dental habits can lead to more than just a bright smile – daily dental habits can prevent oral decay and even lead to early detection of serious disease.

How many of these daily dental habits do you keep? How many do you teach to your children? Here is our list of daily dental habits that everyone should commit to in order to stay healthy.

Daily Dental Habits

Brush Your Teeth

This one seems like an easy one, but many Americans admit to only brushing once per day instead of the recommended two times. Add morning and nighttime brushing to your regular routines, and assure you are brushing for at least two minutes. We suggest using an egg timer or automatic toothbrush with timer settings in order to get those important two minutes into each brushing session.

Don’t Forget to Floss

Flossing is another important dental habit that often goes forgotten by most Americans. When is the last time that you flossed? It doesn’t take too long to floss, and you can add it into your morning and evening dental routine without making it feel unmanageable. The benefits of flossing are extensive, but the act of flossing is crucial to excellent gum health and shouldn’t be overlooked.

Rinse Your Mouth

Rinsing your mouth with mouthwash can combat any extra bacteria that remain even after flossing and brushing. Rinse twice per day, and consider a wash that has fluoride which can further prevent tooth decay.

Drink More Water

Finally, your healthy dental habits do not need to happen solely in the morning and evening. You can positively contribute to your dental health by choosing to drink plenty of water throughout your day. Sugary drinks, like juice or soda, can increase the chances of turning your mouth into an environment that bacteria love. Water eliminates excess sugar and debris, all while hydrating your body.

One more habit you should commit to is your semi-annual dental exams. East Erie Dental is currently accepting new patients and would love to become your dental health partner. Give us a call to set up your first appointment. We would love to help you develop healthy dental habits at every stage of life.