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When you choose East Erie Dental – SE Chicago Dentistry, you can have confidence in knowing that we are committed to offering modern, effective dentistry services for every patient. After a thorough exam and consultation, we will finalize a custom treatment plan designed to protect the health and appearance of your smile.

Do you need to schedule an exam and cleaning with a general dentist? Or, maybe you’d like to talk to a dentist about cosmetic options. Here are some of the general dentistry services we provide:

Dental Exam and Cleaning

Maintaining a consistent dental exam schedule is the foundation of protecting your teeth and gums. When you visit our office for a dental exam and professional teeth cleaning, we provide a full-service experience to identify possible dental issues in the earliest stages. Additionally, professional dental cleaning services are essential to review tartar and plaque that has built up on your teeth over the years.

Our focus on preventive treatments helps you avoid major dental work down the road. We know that consistent, regular care creates optimal conditions to help you maintain a healthy, beautiful smile. We encourage patients of all ages to visit our office for a dental evaluation and teeth cleaning twice a year. Give us a call today to schedule your next oral exam dental appointment.


Dental Bridges

When dental restoration is needed for one or more teeth, then a tooth bridge is an effective solution to fill in the extracted areas. This treatment not only improves the overall appearance of the smile, but it also helps to restore the function of talking and eating as well.

A fixed dental bridge can be attached to neighboring teeth with a prosthetic in the middle. There are also times when an implant bridge is required if the nearby teeth aren’t healthy enough to support the bridge. This restoration treatment is an important step to improve your smile and avoid future issues after tooth extraction.


Dental Crowns

When a tooth is severely damaged, basic fillings aren’t sufficient to restore the tooth’s appearance and function. Dental crowns offer an effective alternative when the tooth’s integrity is threatened by trauma, decay, or other damage. This step helps to reduce the need for tooth extraction.

A dental crown is a cap put on top of the visible surface of the tooth. The root and basic structure of the tooth remains in place, with a strong covering to match the shape, size, and color of your natural teeth. The porcelain is strong, giving you a treatment that is designed to last for years. It’s common to pair a tooth crown with other dental services, such as removing a large cavity or a root canal.



Complete dentures offer an effective solution when the full restoration is required. These prosthetics can be designed to replace all teeth on both the upper and lower jaws. Or, partial options are available if a portion of the teeth is missing, including an upper denture or lower denture.

Our team at East Erie Dental offers a variety of dental restoration treatments, including permanent dentures. We’ll talk to you about your budget and long-term goals, then determine the right solution to restore your smile. Traditional dentures are one of the more affordable options, while denture implants offer a long-term solution, but both options give patients the opportunity to restore the appearance and function of their teeth.


Tooth Fillings

Dental decay, chips, cracks, and other damage can occur over time. When a tooth is damaged, then it’s essential to fill it as soon as possible to prevent more significant issues in the future. For example, an untreated cavity will continue to grow. As the tooth decays over time, it results in a larger portion of the tooth that will need to be removed.

Dental fillings are simple and easy when you are working with an experienced dental team. We offer tooth-colored cavity fillings that create a natural, durable result that will last for years. We are proactive about early interventions whenever possible, helping to restore your tooth and reduce the risk for major dental treatments.


Gum Disease Treatment

Healthy gums act as the foundation for your teeth, which is why its best to identify gum disease in the earliest stages before you need a deep cleaning teeth appointment. Small infections can develop in the gums, leading to gum recession and more oversized pockets of bacteria. Eventually, the gum tissue wastes away, which can damage the teeth as well. A dental deep cleaning can prevent this from happening.

Luckily, we have effective solutions for identifying and treating gum disease with periodontal cleaning appointments. When these issues are identified, we can stop the infection in its tracks using treatments such as scaling and root planing. Additionally, there are times when antibiotics or a gum graft are needed to restore the structure of your gums. Gum graft surgery may need to be referred out to a specialist, but we do our best to treat gum disease with periodontal scaling and root planing whenever possible. Whether you need a deep cleaning or a gum graft treatment, call our office today.


Root Canals

When an infection reaches the deep, internal portion of a tooth, a root canal is necessary to save the tooth’s structure. Through this treatment, the inner pulp and nerves are removed, leaving the tooth’s outer shell and roots. Then, the area is thoroughly cleaned and sealed before a permanent root canal filling and crown is placed over the tooth’s remaining structure.

Modern technology makes root canal therapy as comfortable and straightforward as a standard filling. This treatment offers an effective way to avoid tooth extraction. You can maintain a natural smile using the healthy portion of the tooth that remains.


Tooth Extractions

At East Erie Dental, we are proactive about protecting the health and structure of your natural teeth as much as possible. But there are times when a tooth is damaged beyond repair, and extraction is needed. If an infected or damaged tooth is left in your mouth, then it could cause ongoing damage to the surrounding gums, bone, and teeth. Tooth extractions are also recommended in certain situations to open up space for orthodontic treatments.

We use the best tools and resources to ensure your comfort during the tooth removal. Not only do we offer in-office services as needed, but our caring staff is happy to work with your other oral care providers, including orthodontists and oral surgeons. Our goal is to help you feel relaxed and comfortable whenever you are sitting in our dental chair.


Teeth Whitening

Do you want a smile that shines? If you are noticing discoloration or staining on the surface of your teeth, then it might be time to schedule professional teeth whitening treatments. This service is faster and more effective than the DIY kits you can buy at the local stores.

In-office bleaching gives you the benefit of improved confidence and immediate results. Dental bleaching is affordable, making it easy for everyone to benefit from a minimally-invasive cosmetic service.






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