Another Reason to Quit: Tobacco and Your Oral Health

Observed on May 31 of every year, World No Tobacco Day is a time to participate in 24 hours of abstinence of tobacco use. For those who use tobacco regularly, this day of cessation can be the perfect catalyst for quitting their habit. Tobacco is highly addictive, and most users have difficulty quitting. In fact, many users need to quit more than once before their commitment sticks for the long run. If you are on the fence about quitting your tobacco use, consider using May 31 as your day to choose a healthier habit.

Another Reason to Quit: Tobacco and Your Oral Health

Need more reasons to quit smoking or using tobacco? Here are just a few ways tobacco use can make your oral health suffer.

Bad breath

Smoking and tobacco use increase your risk of halitosis, or having chronic bad breath. Quitting can save you the embarrassment of awful breath, as well as the extra money you spend on breath fresheners to combat it.

Oral cancer

It’s no surprise that tobacco use increases your risk of lung cancer, but using tobacco also significantly increases your risk of oral cancers. You increase your chances of developing ulcers or tumors on your tongue, gums, and palette.

Gum disease

Your tobacco use can cause issues for your gums, increasing your chance of gum disease. A receding gum line, bleeding, and pain are symptoms of periodontal disease.

Teeth discoloration

Smoking and tobacco use is linked to tooth decay and discoloration. In addition to more cavities and tooth breakdown, discoloration can be irreversible as well as the erosion of tooth enamel.

Tobacco use is a habit that can negatively affect most aspects of your health. We encourage you to take part in World No Tobacco Day and are cheering you on during your 24 hours! If you are concerned about the damage that tobacco use has caused your mouth, we would love to guide you through appropriate treatment. Give us a call to set up your dental exam today.