What to Expect From Your Teeth Cleaning Appointment

Dental professionals recommend you get your teeth professionally cleaned during your semiannual check-ups. These twice per year appointments at your dental office are crucial to your overall oral health and can prevent cavities, as well as catch potential concerns before they become catastrophic. If it has been a while since you last had your semiannual cleaning, here is what to expect while you visit us here at East Erie Dental.

What to Expect From Your Teeth Cleaning Appointment

Outstanding Customer Service

At East Erie Dental, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service. Not only will we help you with any dental insurance questions, but we will also get to know you and your family. We’ll keep your waiting room time short and get you back to your regular day as soon as possible.

Gentle Care

During your teeth cleaning and check-up, you may feel nervous or worried. Dental anxiety is quite common, and we are ready to help make your time in our chair as pleasant as possible. Talk to us ahead of time and be honest with your concerns; we have a variety of interventions we can use to make you feel more relaxed during your cleaning and check-up.

Many Benefits

Regular teeth cleaning can prevent long-term gum damage, as well as decrease the chance of cavities or other dental concerns. Our hygienists are also trained to spot potential signs of damage, decay, or other oral health concerns. They are able to then communicate these findings with the dentist for appropriate follow-up care or testing. 

Start Kids Young

We love it when the whole family comes in for their regular cleanings and check-ups. Introducing your child to our dental team at an early age will prevent any dental anxiety in adulthood as well as improve their overall dental health.

When is the last time you scheduled your teeth cleaning appointment? If it has been more than six months, you are overdue. Call our offices to get back on track. We’d love to see you soon.