Gum Disease Treatment in Streeterville, Chicago, IL

Healthy gums act as the foundation for your teeth, which is why its best to identify gum disease in the earliest stages before you need a deep cleaning teeth appointment. Small infections can develop in the gums, leading to gum recession and more oversized pockets of bacteria. Eventually, the gum tissue wastes away, which can damage the teeth as well. A dental deep cleaning can prevent this from happening.

Luckily, we have effective solutions for identifying and treating gum disease with periodontal cleaning appointments. When these issues are identified, we can stop the infection in its tracks using treatments such as scaling and root planing. Additionally, there are times when antibiotics or a gum graft are needed to restore the structure of your gums. Gum graft surgery may need to be referred out to a specialist, but we do our best to treat gum disease with periodontal scaling and root planing whenever possible. Whether you need a deep cleaning or a gum graft treatment, call our office today.

Gum Disease Treatment in Streeterville Chicago, IL