Surviving the Holidays with Healthy Teeth

Have you ever considered how the holiday season affects your dental health? Between the extra sweets and late nights of the season, your family’s dental health can suffer these next busy weeks. Fortunately, the team at East Erie Dental has a few tips to keep your teeth in tip top shape this month, and well into the new year.

Surviving the Holidays with Healthy Teeth

Don’t skip brushing

With a family calendar full of extra activities and parties, it can be easy to be a bit lax with your brushing routine. Unfortunately, this decision can lead to cavities and other issues in the new year. This month, keep your own brushing schedule tight and pass on your expectation to your children. Remember, brush twice a day for at least two minutes each time in order to keep your teeth healthy.

Watch your sweet intake

It is easy to over indulge in sweets this month, isn’t it? With cookies, fudge, and other sugary treats within arm’s reach, it is no wonder that we all put on a few pounds in December. However, these extra snacks can make for unhealthy teeth in a variety of ways.

Besides the extra sugar and increased risk of cavities, holiday treats like caramel and brittle can break enamel and even cause problems with crowns and other dental implants. When possible, skip on extra sticky or crunchy sweet treats to avoid pain and emergency visits to our office.

Drink more water

You can combat your extra piece of fudge by drinking extra water. While a glass of water does not excuse you from your normal brushing and flossing routine, the extra hydration can keep sugar from sitting in your mouth and attracting bacteria. Encourage your kiddos to drink extra water this season as well.

Schedule your dental visit

The end of the year is inching closer; be sure that you have scheduled your second annual check-up of 2017! Your insurance covers two visits per year, and your teeth would benefit from that additional cleaning and check-up this month. Give us a call to set up your next appointment!

Remember to keep your mouth happy, and your teeth healthy, this holiday by maintaining your regular brushing habits, staying away from extra sweets, drinking more water, and assuring you are up to date on your check-ups. Here’s to a wonderful new year ahead for you and your teeth!