Travel Tips for Dental Health

If you are a frequent business traveler or a summer vacation road tripper, you know that a well-packed bag can save you time, money, and frustration. When you are pulling together items for your next trip, don’t forget to account for healthy dental habits on the road. While most travelers don’t always follow their “normal” routines with eating or exercising, you can commit to keeping up with your dental health no matter where you are. Here are a few of our favorite tips.

Travel Tips for Dental Health

Travel Toothbrushes for the Kids

If you are traveling with kids, don’t worry about packing up the toothbrushes they use at home. Instead, use those toothbrushes you have from your semi-annual checkups, from a Christmas stocking, or from a school presentation that you have saved. This way, you can toss the new brushes in your travel bag and toss them before you leave your hotel room. One less thing to worry about taking home!

Consolidate Toothpaste

Does everyone in your family have their own favorite toothpaste? Instead of each toting along their special tubes, consider instead bringing along one tube of a toothpaste you can all use during your trip. If this idea doesn’t fly with your family, grab travel size toothpaste tubes to save space in your bag.

Don’t Forget the Extras

When you pack, remember to bring along floss and mouthwash. These extras are important steps in your oral hygiene routine. Once in your hotel or home-away-from-home, put these containers on the bathroom sink as a visual cue to keep up with your dental care.

Healthy Flight Habits

If you are traveling on an airplane, you may enjoy chewing gum upon takeoff and landing. If you do, choose sugarless gum to reduce the damage to your teeth. Also, while you are in the air, be sure to drink plenty of water. It will keep you hydrated in the dry cabin as well as wash away any bacteria from those sugary in-flight beverages or snacks.

Don’t Skip Your Appointments

Is your semi-annual checkup scheduled during your vacation time? Give us a call to reschedule your appointment for when you return. Remember, semi-annual checkups are crucial to your dental health and wellbeing.

Happy travels!