Common Dental Anxieties and Solutions

Does scheduling your semi-annual dental exam make you feel nervous? You are not alone. Many people experience varying degrees of dental anxiety. In fact, a study published in Dental Research Journal noted that more than 58% of people experience some type of anxiety related to dental visits or work.

While dental anxiety varies from person to person in degree and root cause, it is still a serious deterrent to regular dental care. If you are skipping dental visits due to anxiety, you are at an increased risk for serious dental health consequences. Instead, try a few of our solutions to find relief at your next dental appointment.

Common Dental Anxieties and Solutions

Go to the Dentist

The study published in Dental Research Journal about dental anxiety demonstrated that people who go to the dentist regularly are less likely to experience dental anxiety. Perhaps it ties in with the common saying that “practice makes perfect”. In any case, the more positive experiences you have at your dentist’s office, the less anxiety you will feel the next time you walk through the door.

Communicate with Your Dentist

Most dentists are used to hearing patients talk about dental anxiety, and are ready to do what they can to make the patient feel more comfortable. Be open about your worries with your dental team, and let them know if you are feeling more anxious during a particular part of treatment.

Ask for Adaptive Interventions

Some people find dental visits more tolerable when they use certain interventions while at the office. Try listening to a favorite podcast or music on headphones during the exam, or use sunglasses to block out the bright light shining above your chair. Your dentist may also suggest medical interventions like nitrous oxide gas that can help you relax without impairing you for the drive home.

Find a Dentist You Like

You don’t have to go to a dentist that you don’t like, or that makes you feel more uncomfortable! Search for a dental office that is welcoming and boasts a staff that makes you smile and feel well cared for. Your dentist should make you feel calm, and you should feel confident that you are heard during your time in the office.

If you are searching for a dental office that will give you plenty of positive experiences, look no further than East Erie Dental. We pride ourselves on helping our patients feel great and stay healthy. Call us to talk more about your needs, and to set your initial appointment.