Skip the Sweets and Choose These Healthier Options for Your Oral Health

February is the month where most resolutions about eating healthier are ignored and chocolates celebrating love (and paczki celebrating Fat Tuesday) are encouraged. If you are hoping to make better choices this month, our team encourages you to recognize the benefits healthy eating has on your teeth and oral health as well as your overall physical health.

Skip the Sweets and Choose These Healthier Options for Your Oral Health

Benefits of Eating Better for Oral Health

When you choose better options for snacking and drinking, your mouth will thank you. Too many sweets and sugary drinks can lead to a breakdown in your tooth enamel, which quickly leads to cavities. In contrast, choosing healthier options can:

  • Prevent cavities
  • Provide essential nutrients to keep your teeth healthy
  • Increase saliva production
  • Increase gum health

Healthier Options for Your Family

Kids and adults are at risk for cavities and other oral health complications due to poor diet choices. If you are looking for the right snacks and drinks to stock in your family fridge, here is a list to take with you on your next grocery run.

  • Fresh Fruit: steer clear when possible of the prepackaged fruit in sugary syrup. Instead, look for whole fruits or for packs of blended fruit without any added sugar.
  • Veggies: fresh is best when it comes to vegetables, and once you get it home you can eat it raw, roast them, or add them to salads or stir fry. Vegetables have plenty of fiber and other nutrients that your teeth need to stay strong.
  • Bottles of Water: When it comes to drinks, water is the best option for your oral health. Not only does a gulp of water washout sugars from your mouth as you swallow, it can sweep away other potentially harmful debris. Water also doesn’t have sugar, which means it will never give cavity-causing bacteria fuel to continue.

Finally, be sure your semi-annual check-ups are on your family calendar for 2020. Each member of the family should visit a dentist at least twice per year, including your toddlers. Call our office to assure your family is set up for dental health.