Kids and Cavities: What Parents Need to Know

Parenthood is all about giving your kids the tools they need to become happy, healthy, and productive adults. However, in between teaching them responsibility and kindness and time management, how are you supposed to squeeze in good dental habits? We know it can feel difficult to manage brushing and flossing amidst bedtime routines and homework, but we are here to encourage you as you make 2020 the year when your family does its best to eliminate cavities.

Kids and Cavities: What Parents Need to Know

Kids and Cavities

Tooth decay in children was steadily declining from the 1970s through the 1990s, as per the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research. However, since the mid-1990s, kids ages 2-11 have been demonstrating an increase in tooth decay or damage. Currently, nearly half of kids ages 2-11 have some type of tooth decay.

Avoiding Cavities

Fortunately, kids can avoid cavities and tooth decay by implementing the same dental habits that are healthy for adults. Brushing, flossing, and semi-annual dental check-ups are the winning combination for tooth decay prevention. Parents can reinforce these good behaviors in their kids by having the kids participate in dental care during their regular daily routine.

Make brushing your teeth a non-negotiable of your morning and bedtime routine. Focus on brushing for at least 2 minutes, and consider purchasing an electric toothbrush to make the process most efficient. Teaching the skill of flossing can be a bit more tricky, as most parents probably do not floss as often as they should. However, the entire family can make flossing a focus by doing it together in order to hold one another accountable.

Finally, make semi-annual dental check-ups at East Erie Dental a staple of your 2020 family calendar. Kids as young as 2 can benefit from dental visits, and the younger they are introduced to the exam process, the less likely kids will have dental anxiety as they grow.

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