Loose Teeth and Other Elementary School Dental Issues

With Chicago Public Schools heading back to class this month, most families are fully in the back-to-school season. New routines, new teachers, and new friends can be stressful for most students, no matter how much they enjoy school or learning. With the return to school fresh in our minds, the team at East Erie Dental wanted to share a few tips and trends you could find helpful as you raise your elementary school-aged child.

Loose Teeth and Other Elementary School Dental Issues

Call the Tooth Fairy

Elementary school kids begin to lose their baby teeth around age 6, and it continues well through the tween years. Talk to your children about losing their teeth so that when their first few teeth begin to wiggle, they aren’t fearful or worried about it. You know your child best, but it may be helpful to talk about minimal bleeding when the tooth comes out and what to do if they lose their tooth while at school.

Brushing Resistance

It’s common for your elementary schooler to begin questioning or complaining about your normal brushing routine. They are pushing their boundaries and learning how to voice their own opinions. Besides, what kid has the time to brush their teeth for two minutes twice daily? They have lots of playing to do! 

If your child begins to complain about brushing or other oral hygiene tasks, take a deep breath and stick to your guns. Brushing is extremely important for their overall dental health and shouldn’t be compromised. However, you can make it a bit more exciting by using music or podcasts during brushing time.

Choose Healthy Beverages

Sports drinks, juice, and even soda can come into your home more often as your child begins their elementary school years. Be sure you are talking candidly about choosing the best option for their body and teeth, as well as educating them about moderation. Encourage water as the beverage of choice at home, but allow them the freedom to choose a juice box at a birthday party or lemonade at a restaurant. 

Dental Visits Are Key

Be sure your elementary schooler visits the dentist for their check-ups twice per year. These visits are important for their oral health and will give them a foundation of good dental experiences that they will carry on into their adulthood.

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