About Your Child’s First Dental Visit

Your oral health is anchored in your daily habits and in your semi-annual dental checkups. Now that you are a parent, you may be wondering how to transfer these dental health priorities to your child. As with most things, you can lead by example, letting your child see you brush your teeth and floss. You can even bring your child along with you when you visit your dentist for a check up. However, eventually your child will be ready for their very own check up in the dentist’s chair. Here’s what you need to know about this milestone.

About Your Child’s First Dental Visit

When should my child have their first dental check up?

According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, you should take your child to a dentist when the first tooth appears. This may seem very early, especially if your infant gets a tooth especially early in life, but it is a wonderful way to make dental visits a part of your child’s routine.

What happens during a first check-up?

If your infant hasn’t been to the dentist yet, don’t worry. Many parents begin bringing their child to the dentist for the first time during toddlerhood. Your child’s check up will be brief, especially if it is the first one. Your dentist should work on making your child feel comfortable at the office, offering plenty of smiles, counting their teeth, and maybe even a ride in the moving chair. After a quick visit with the hygienist to talk about brushing techniques, your toddler is ready for a fun prize before leaving.

Your child’s first visit is made to make them see the dentist’s office as comfortable and inviting. Subsequent visits can build on that initial positive experience, while adding on more tasks like x-rays or exams.

Can I Ask Questions?

Your child’s dental appointment is the perfect time for you to talk about any concerns you may have, or to get insights into how to make daily dental habits more accessible for your family. You will be with your child the whole time and can speak to the dentist, hygienist, or office staff.

Are you ready to set up your child’s first check up? Or, are you looking for a dentist that can meet the needs of your whole family? Give the team at East Erie Dental a call. We love working with families to meet everyone’s dental needs.