Top Dental Products for Kids

Dental health in kids can be a bit tricky. Babies get their teeth at different times, toddlers can sometimes resist brushing, and elementary schoolers lose their teeth nearly as fast as their adult teeth come in. With all the variables that contribute to dental health in kids, one thing is certain: developing healthy habits start in childhood and continue throughout life. Here are a few products that can make dental hygiene a bit easier in your home.

Top Dental Products for Kids

Chompers Podcast

We couldn’t resist putting this product at the top of our list, as it has been a true game-changer for East Erie Dental clients. The Chompers podcast, produced through Gimlet Media, is made just for kids to listen to while brushing their teeth. Each episode is two minutes long (the recommended time for brushing) and is updated twice daily so you can listen in in the morning and before bedtime. The whole family will love listening while they brush, making this important habit fun for everyone.

Better Flossing

Trying to teach a kiddo how to wrangle a thin piece of floss around their fingers and mouth is a nearly impossible task. Fortunately, products like these floss picks make the process a bit more tolerable for everyone. They are easy to use and easy to pack for vacations or sleepovers, demonstrating dental health can happen anywhere.

Electric Toothbrushes

An electric toothbrush is not necessary for your child, but it can make brushing a bit more fun for reluctant brushers. Get your child involved in the process and allow them to choose a favorite color or featured character. To encourage healthy brushing time, consider an electric toothbrush that has a timer that will shut off the brush at two minutes.

No matter the toothbrush or podcast assistance, oral health starts in the dentist office. Your child should visit the dentist twice per year for a check-up. If you haven’t scheduled your semiannual appointments yet, give the team at East Erie Dental a call. We specialize in making all members of the family feel comfortable and will keep everyone’s smile healthy.